ECO Friendly

Environmentally conscious living

We make every effort to reduce our ecological impact

The serious global issues of climate change, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss have recently been labelled a climate crisis. Villa Zola is focused on operating in a sustainable, low-impact and ecological way.

A 6kW solar panel on the roof soaks up enough energy on sunny days that we more than cover our electricity needs, even if we run several washing machines and dishwashers at once. We encourage our guests to use these appliances during daylight hours to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and nuclear waste (France produces a high share of its energy from nuclear power).

We have a private diesel car for larger supply trips but we prefer to use our electric moped for local shopping and we recharge it with solar power. Most of our indoor and outdoor lighting has been converted to LED. A heat pump exchanges heat from the surrounding atmosphere to naturally heat or air-condition the building.

Within Villa Zola we use 100% linen and cotton bedlinen and wash them using a highly biodegradable detergent. We avoid ironing where possible to reduce energy usage. Natural cleaning agents such as bicarbonate of soda and citric acid are used for cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen areas to further reduce our ecological footprint.

Although it is a region with weak public transport, there are two buses that pass through the village so it is relatively easy to get to the centre of Nice. Cannes and Nice Côte d’Azur Airport by bus or rail. Please contact us for further advice.

Our sustainable practices allow you to travel with nature at heart